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To begin your online application, set up your organisation’s profile by clicking the ‘Apply now’ button below and following the ‘Register’ process to open and create a secure log in to your application form – only you (and any colleagues you share your log in with) will have access to your form prior to submission. Once registered, you can choose to complete the form in stages if you prefer, returning to it via the ‘Log in’ button at the top of this page. Your application remains live for updating until you submit it.

If, for any reason, you are unable to either download the form or complete it online, please contact to request that we send you a paper copy and follow the instructions in the C&BS Fund Application Guidelines for making a postal submission. 


The value of evaluation

Within two months of the end date of a sponsored and C&BS Fund match-funded project or activity, you must submit both an evaluation form and a certified income/expenditure financial statement to Culture & Business Scotland. In the evaluation form, we ask you to tell us about your project, your partnership with your business sponsor, and the positive outcomes you delivered, along with financial and other important data.

We evaluate the delivery and outcome of every project or activity that is enabled and supported through the C&BS Fund. This both allows us to pay the final 20% balance of funding to you and, as the C&BS Fund is itself funded through Scottish Government, Creative Scotland and Historic Environment Scotland, it allows us to demonstrate and celebrate success, and to secure ongoing investment.

The power of storytelling

Our case studies celebrate and share the stories of business sponsored and C&BS Fund enabled projects with the aim of inspiring more culture and business organisations to work in partnership and make a positive impact, demonstrating the value of culture and cultural experiences on all of our lives. 

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